The Benefits

pHerformance WaterDrinking pHerformance™ Water assists the natural metabolism and immune system of your body in obtaining its optimum levels. Just about everything you eat or drink on a daily basis is acidic. The effect acidic food and drinks have on your body reduces the peak performance required of your immune system and hydration levels your body requires. A healthy body will attempt to obtain a neutral pH state at 7.0pH. When a body falls below the 7.0pH level the body will look elsewhere for ways of increasing the body’s pH level back to neutral. The body will do this by drawing its pH factors from tissue, skin, bone, or from the vital organs of your body. Drinking a 9.5pH drinking water will help your body’s system offset those deficiencies. By assisting your body in obtaining the pH levels it requires will assist you with peak performance for your sports activity, workouts, daily activities, and most importantly your day-to-day health.