Rapid Re-Hydration

pHerformance WaterWith pHerformance™ Water being oxygen activated and micro clustered you can now better understand how the quick hydration will take place. With the smaller cells, oxygen enhanced pHerformance Water can be absorbed into your systems as you drink the water. The smaller cell size allows the oxygen enriched water to be absorbed into tissues and the muscles of the body much faster and more efficiently than plain tap water or any sports drink. In fact it will start hydrating the body as soon as you start to swallow. Many of the known and popular sports drinks are actually acidic to your body. This in turn weakens your body’s immune system. Drinking pHerformance™ Water helps your body stay properly hydrated at all times. Company research supports that after a short time of drinking pHerformance™ Water, athletes confirm a difference in how they felt as well as how they performed in their sports activity, workouts, daily activities, and with their day-to-day health.